Michelle Tupper Butler


Michelle Tupper Butler is an attorney in the Washington, DC office. She focuses her practice on probate and estate planning. Ms. Butler is a Georgetown Law graduate with almost two decades of legal experience. She is an incredibly caring person who uses her keen intellect and prodigious legal talent to find creative solutions to her clients' complex and challenging problems. Ms. Butler has knowledge, focus, and determination, and she makes a difference in the lives of people who are trying to process the unimaginable, the death of a family member or loved one. Ms. Butler has a razor-sharp legal mind and authentic empathy. She clerked on the D.C. District Court for the District of Columbia and has worked in big law, with a speciality in the False Claims Act. Ms. Butler has a daughter and son, and she is a barred attorney in DC, Kentucky, and Maryland. Ms. Butler has extensive experience with litigation, and her estate and probate clients are lucky that she has chosen trusts, estates, and probate law as her current focus---they have a brilliant and caring attorney in their corner.